Medific is a bright morning star that guides you to detect the earliest signs of flu and malaria, to ensure adequate intake of fresh air and drinking water to fend off all their serious symptoms. I had invented a new procedure in 2002 that quickens recovery from flu, common colds, malaria and typhoid infections through ample intake of cool air and drinking water. We were recently recognized as Africa regional finalist in the global sports innovation competition held in Nairobi Strathmore University since ability of athletes to quickly recover from infections is vital for their performance.

Medific offers you a self-help book and seminars through which you can learn the following;

  1. Learn the earliest signs of flu and malaria, considering the old medical proverb that says ‘a stitch in time saves nine.’
  1. Acquire skills for maximizing intake of fresh air as a therapy to cut durations of flu by half, by preventing all serious symptoms like; stuffy nose, runny nose, nasal discharge, headache, fever, body aches and cough. The nose remain dry throughout the period of illness hence no chance of wetting one’s handkerchief. Socialize freely without being limited by visible flu symptoms! It helps you minimize transmission of flu to relations and friends by stopping sneezing, cough and fever. It minimizes abuse of antibiotics in treating flu/colds to curb growing resistance to antibiotics.
  1. Learn to utilize fresh air and drinking water as first aid for malaria to prevent fever, headache, nausea and vomiting in adults, so that one buys time to get authentic drugs. It helps you to quickly recover from malaria infections thus saving your working hours or study hours. First aid can keep adults fit and functional for weeks to avoid buying counterfeit antimalarial drugs until genuine drugs become available.
  1. Facilitate quick recovery from typhoid fever especially recurring typhoid after receiving conventional medication
  2. Others; we guide you to prevent nightmares with the right selection of bedding that ensures proper ventilation of the body during sleep. You learn about scientific studies that draw a link between quality sleep and intake of adequate fresh air (oxygen) during sleep. Learn to control toothache by properly insulating sensitive body parts in cold weather.

The Founding Scientist of Medific holds a track record of academic excellence with over ten years’ experience in obtaining benefits outlined above. The scientific rationale (logic) of first aid has been reviewed and appreciated by top health experts like; Prof. A K Prasad (Flu expert) and Prof. Steve Lindsay (malaria expert). GIST (Tech-I) committee of health experts praised this solution as a great idea with a huge potential.

There is an ongoing process to form a public private partnership with the government of Uganda’s Ministry of Health to help in distributing our solution countrywide. I have already briefed officials concerned on the scientific basis and merits of our solution to their satisfaction. I also made a presentation on indigenous basis of aerotherapy in Africa to them.