MEDIFIC (Updated 13/02/2017)


Scientists have failed to develop a vaccine for common cold because it is caused by complex viruses, which makes our new first aid solution vital in treating it globally as the new superior treatment. Flu vaccines are out of reach in most parts of Africa and do not even offer 100% against flu in the developed world itself. Medific guides you to detect the earliest signs of flu and malaria, and ensure adequate intake of cool air and drinking water as first aid to prevent all serious symptoms. Our intervention comprises a new procedure which I  invented in 2002 for ensuring ample intake of cool air as a therapy (aerotherapy) to quicken recovery from flu, common colds, malaria and typhoid infections. We were recently recognized as Africa regional finalist in the global sports innovation competition held in Nairobi Strathmore University since ability of athletes to quickly recover from infections is vital for their performance. BENEFITS: We train clients to detect earliest signs or symptoms of flu, colds and malaria to quicken their recovery from infections; there is an old saying ‘a stitch in time saves nine’. First aid is superior to all the current standard treatments for flu and common colds in terms of reducing durations, reducing severity (symptoms), reducing costs and reducing circulation of these infections.


  • Scientists have failed to develop a vaccine for common colds and the annually limited vaccines available for flu do not offer 100% protection, which makes our a solution a basic requirement for all adults around the world to adopt to effectively manage  common colds and flu .
  • First aid cuts duration of flu or colds by half through preventing all sore symptoms like; fever, blocked nose, runny nose, headache and cough. The nostrils remain dry throughout the period of flu or common colds illness once successfully applied which relieves a patient from great discomfort.
  • It allows patients to interact freely, and communicate effectively with customers, coworkers and family. It spares one the fear or guilt of transmitting flu to others by preventing symptoms that would likely transmit flu or colds like; cough, sneezing and nasal discharge.
  • It saves working hours and money that would have been spent on expensive antiviral flu drugs. Nonetheless, people who can afford this antiviral drugs can maximize its effectiveness by applying our knowledge on earliest signs of flu to receive timely medication.
  • Successful application of first aid against common colds saves costs on nasal decongestants, cough suppressants, NSAIDS, Antihistamines and Anticholinergics. It saves patients from suffering side effects of these drugs given the advantage of using a natural remedy like cool air.
  • First aid can safeguard patients with allergy or asthma against tightness of chest and shortness of breath following colds or flu infections by limiting secretion of mucus and preventing nasal discharge.
  • It can minimize incidents of sinusitis and otitis media as it inhibits swelling of mucus membranes that block openings from the nasal cavity to the sinuses and middle ear.
  • It has a potential to minimize incidents of secondary infections like pneumonia and other flu complications like cardiac disorders that can cause death.
  • It is a vital solution to prevent people from unnecessarily using antibiotics to treat common colds and flu, which is contributing to the ticking time bomb in the growth of antibiotic resistant germs.


  • First aid quickens recovery from malaria by preventing all rough symptoms such as; fever, headache, nausea, vomiting and chills. It enables patients to carry on with their regular work while receiving treatment as outpatients.
  • It saves money and working hours that would have been spent on hospital admissions or bed rest.
  • It can sustain an adult for weeks until one gets safe standard drugs for curing malaria.
  • Most importantly, it eliminates chances of death by preserving appetite, preventing dehydration and ensuring sparse malarial parasites in the blood.

A colleague who picked interest in making use of cool air to prevent those flu symptoms was also able to obtain the same results by simply following the guidelines that I had given him. I have applied first aid to effectively shorten durations of flu in over 25 incidents over the last 10 years. There is nothing magical about this solution. It is pure science; follow the same procedures to get the same results. Do not stick to Stone Age habits of coughing, sneezing with nasal discharge whenever you have flu or colds. Stop making people around you to feel uncomfortable whenever you sneeze or cough. Our solution is affordable, reliable and durable; one time purchase with lifetime benefits. Be the agent of light and modernity in your community. The scientific rationale (logic) of first aid has been reviewed and appreciated by top health experts like; Prof. A K Prasad (Flu expert) and Prof. Steve Lindsay (malaria expert). GIST (Tech-I) committee of health experts praised this solution as a great idea with a huge potential. There is an initiative to form a public private partnership with the government of Uganda’s Ministry of Health to help in distributing our solution countrywide. We briefed officials concerned on the scientific basis or merits of our solution to their satisfaction. I also made a convincing presentation on indigenous basis of practicing aerotherapy by default in Africa prior to advent of western medicine. Our literature has been reviewed by scientists from Natural Chemotherapeutic Research Institute (NCRI) in the Ministry of Health, and was submitted to National Drug Authority in December 2016 for vetting necessary to regulate advertisement of health solutions. TRAINING Two modes of training are currently available; distance learning caters for trainees who cannot come for face to face tutorials and are only interested in having study literature mailed to them. Full time learning involves attending face to face training sessions and study guides being made available to trainees.



Flu and Common Colds Biologically, hot air causes body temperature to rise leading to vasodilation of blood capillaries that lie beneath epithelium of the nasal cavity to cause nasal congestion, whereas cold air causes vasoconstriction of these blood capillaries to prevent nasal congestion and keep nasal airways open. The nasal cavity is well adapted to dispersal of heat from the body as it warms air that enters the body making it the leading outlet of body heat. Occurrence of nasal congestion reduces airflow and concentrates heat within the body, which induces swelling of the mucus membrane, and a runny nose to moisten the dry nasal cavity and discharge excess body heat. The underlying objective of our procedures is to minimize heat inflow into the body while maximizing outflow of heat from the body within the limits of decency. This objective prevents nasal congestion and swelling of the mucus membrane to prevent incidence of sore symptoms of flu and common colds, and other secondary infections or complications. Uninterrupted swelling of this membrane causes or precipitates; sneezing, nasal congestion (blocked nose), runny nose and blockage of auditory tubes and openings to sinuses. There are many people that get infected by flu and common colds viruses but not all of them develop symptoms. Patients having allergies, asthma and pulmonary fibrosis or COPD tend to develop symptoms. Common colds are caused by rhinoviruses while Influenza is caused by different viruses in spite of having common symptoms.

Malaria The crucial effect that cool air has on controlling body temperature is complemented by drinking water to prevent sore symptoms of flu and malaria. Drinking ample water upon detecting earliest signs or symptoms of malaria enables frequent urination and sweating, to eliminate excess body heat and thus prevents; fever, dehydration, headache and nausea/vomiting. Science literature indicates that malaria parasites produce sticky proteins on the surfaces of infected red blood cells (rbc), which causes these cells to stick to tiny blood vessels within body joints thus causing joint pains. Drinking ample water on time, increases the volume of blood plasma that keeps tiny blood vessels sufficiently dilated to reduce stickiness of infected rbc to these vessels, and facilitates their transportation to the spleen where they get destroyed. Timely destruction of infected cells in the spleen inhibits multiplication of malaria parasites in the blood, to keep them at very low levels that can hardly be detected by laboratory microscopic tests. Very low levels of malaria parasites in the blood renders malaria illness mild. If there is already a fever, the body regulates body temperature by rejecting food (stimulating loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting) to prevent further digestion that would generate additional heat. Prevention of fever using our first aid therefore allows the body to accommodate more food as fuel thereby preventing nausea and vomiting. I have applied first aid to effectively suppress malaria symptoms in 7 incidents of malaria with great success over the last 10 years until I could get proper medical attention from health professionals.