I am pleased to announce availability of my recent publication of a print on demand book entitled: Medicinal Air & Longevity, located at the following sites.

  1.   https://www.createspace.com/3973997
  2.  www.amazon.com/dp/1479175056 

You can also acquire a digital version of the same book (eBook) at Amazon website.


This book reveals remarkable achievements of the author in fighting off various diseases by means of aerotherapy over the past ten years. It presents a new method invented by the author in 2002 for undertaking aerotherapy i.e. optimizing intake of cool (fresh) air as medication, alongside the old method that had been employed here in Africa and some parts of Europe. Fresh air is free medicine provided people learn and adopt available methods to effectively exploit it. The old method for undertaking aerotherapy entails relocating to locations in the paths of cool breezes such as shores of lakes and oceans. The new method for aerotherapy entails making optimal choice of beddings that can allow maximal intake of cool air through the night. The author discovered aerotherapy to be highly effective in aborting flu and common colds over the past decade. Aborting flu entails identifying its earliest possible symptom of sneezing, having been exposed to a victim of flu, then applying aerotherapy to stop sneezing and prevent incidence of other symptoms. Aerotherapy reduces the length of flu from 9 days to just 4 days, by inhibiting sneezing and fever, thus, preventing onslaught of other symptoms such as; a runny nose, nasal congestion, headache, and cough. No need to buy handkerchiefs for flu in incidents where aerotherapy is successfully applied to abort flu. Aerotherapy, hence, cuts the spread of flu and colds in the society by enabling victims to avoid those infectious symptoms; thereby saving family, friends and colleagues from contracting these infections. The author has applied aerotherapy to neutralize flu and common colds several times over the past decade; three times in 2012 alone. Application of aerotherapy has enabled the author to effectively abort six out of eight flu infections that he contracted since  2011 to date, as a pattern, which clearly exhibits scientific significance.

The book offers experience and expertise of the author on optimizing intake of cool air; to abort flu and colds, prevent clinical malaria, enhance treatment of clinical malaria, prevent nightmares, alleviate inflammation and oxidative stress, manage toothache, and boost natural healing of ulcers and recurrent typhoid fever. The book sets out clear guidelines on applying aerotherapy and drinking water, to inhibit major symptoms of malaria (fever, headache, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting), based on experience of the author, in order to buy time needed to access curative conventional medication. Recent scientific findings published by Colombian scientists validates medicinal value of cool air, by linking warm humid air that carries less oxygen content with regular outbreaks of malaria. Fever is a major symptom and common denominator of flu, malaria and typhoid fever, which underlies pathogenesis of these diseases. Cool air in aerotherapy simply inhibits fever to enable natural healing of the body or facilitate cure of these diseases using drugs or herbs.  The high levels of success enjoyed by the author in inhibiting inflammation in various infectious diseases, signifies enormous potential in aerotherapy to check against vascular diseases. Inflammation, according to recent scientific findings, mediates formation of atherosclerosis that causes vascular diseases, besides contributing to the cause of rheumatoid arthritis, allergic rhinitis, peptic ulcers, tuberculosis and cancer. Oxidative stress has been implicated in the cause of more than 70 chronic degenerative diseases. Recent scientific studies corroborate medicinal value of cool air, by linking relative coolness of body temperature with longevity, fertility and quality of sleep. The author (Scientist) discovered a high level of association between poor intake of air during sleep with incidence of nightmares, and role aerotherapy plays in effectively preventing nightmares, to enhance quality of sleep. This book is well referenced with relevant science literature that provides scientific rationale for practicing aerotherapy. It offers useful knowledge and skills that empowers individuals, schools, health institutions and NGOs to prevent diseases. Prevention is better than cure!